MHL Out n About & Speaking Out

MHL presents to a select number of institutions, conferences, body corporate managers and bodies corporate each year. In the past few months, we have conducted a wide range of presentations on a wide range of the latest body corporate issues. For example:

Our principal, Peter Huntspeaking_out was invited by Professor Chris Guilding to speak at the landmark Griffith University’s Strata and Community Title Conference held on the Gold Coast recently. The very successful event attracted nearly 300 delegates from around Australia and internationally. Peter’s paper was a critique of the management rights model and covered issues of specific
concern to bodies corporate such as termination and assignments. Peter was also then asked to attend a broader panel session and has received much positive feedback on both his presentation, its content and the issues he discussed on the panel.


In March 2015, Peter also presented a paper on recent Queensland body corporate law cases to the Australian College of Community Association Lawyers (ACCAL). See their website here: and in May 2015, Peter was invited to present a seminar for new Body Corporate Managers on behalf of Strata Community Australia. See their website here: